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Product Questions

Answers to our frequently asked questions about Trifecta Crop Control.

Is Crop Control a systemic or a contact kill?

It is a contact kill that is most effective and best applied as a low dose preventative sprayed regularly.

Do I need to rinse my plants before I harvest?

For cannabis growers: no rinsing is necessary. You can apply Trifecta Crop Control up to 2 weeks before harvest. For...

Will my cannabis plants take in the flavor of the oils in Crop Control?

No, it won’t impact the flavor of the plant at all. We have growers that have been using our product...

Do I have to rinse the plants with water after I apply?

No rinse is necessary. There will be no noticeable residue after 72 hours.

Is Crop Control effective indoors?

Trifecta Crop Control is highly effective in all grow sizes and conditions when applied properly.

What are the ingredients in Crop Control?

Active Ingredients: Thyme Oil 14%, Clove Oil 10%, Garlic Oil 9%, Peppermint Oil 4%, Corn Oil 3%, Geraniol 3%, Citric...

Do you see a heavy residual of oil on the plant after product application?

Trifecta Crop Control is an nanoemulsion with a mean particle size of 90 nanometers. After 72 hours, there will be...

What’s the basic science behind Crop Control?

We’ve carefully selected a synergistic combination of essential oils, each one chosen for its highly effective & natural insecticidal and anti-fungal properties. Peppermint oil contains...

Will the essential oils in Crop Control find their way into extracts?

We use a proprietary high-shear milling process that cuts the oil droplets into nanosized particles. This causes accelerated biodegrading of...

Is there a systemic half-life or a potential for soil leaching with this product?

There is no systemic half-life. The product is made with soap and essential oils.

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