Next Guideline: What is Crop Control and How Does it Work?

Using chemical pesticides in cannabis cultivation can have deadly effects. 

A study done by the University of Berkeley found that 84 % of medicinal Marijuana samples contained large amounts of chemical pesticides, fungicides and insecticides. Chemicals like Myclobutanil, Imidacloprid, Avermectin, Etoxazole, Bifenazate that when burned become Hydrogen Cyanide, which is a toxic gas notorious for it’s use in concentration camps in World War 2 and when inhaled causes all types of health issues like cancer, liver and weakened muscle function to name a few. These side effects are chronic, not acute so it can take years to reveal themselves as well.

According to a study published in the Journal of Toxicology, 70 percent of the pesticides sprayed on a bud of cannabis can transfer to inhaled smoke going straight to your lungs.

Our goal is to see an end to growers using these toxic solutions on their gardens.

Watch these important videos to educate yourself on what is happening:


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Trifecta Crop Control is a solution to these toxic chemicals being used by many farmers in the Cannabis industry today.