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Can Crop Control help treat fusarium?

Trifecta Crop Control was designed and intended as a foliar spray, but there are success stories out there where people have used it for treating soil conditions. The plant needs to be fully watered prior to treatment as it won’t appreciate big drinks of Crop Control. Dilute the product, drench the soil, capture runoff for reuse, rinse thoroughly, allow soil to dry, look for improvement in the plant over following days, repeat as necessary.

Most common soil drenches are a 3:1 ratio, water to growing medium. For every 1 gallon of growing medium, you’d have to flush 3 gallons of water for a proper soil drench. It can be expensive using Crop Control in this manner. Also, if you’re dealing with living soil and apply Crop Control as a soil drench, the living mycorrhizae would be affected and will need to be replenished.

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