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Can Myco Supreme be applied to established cannabis plants with beneficial effects?

Myco Supreme must be put in direct contact with inoculable roots, which is easier to do during the seeding, cloning, planting and transplanting stages. However, if mature plants show signs of stress, then an application of Myco Supreme by root-ball dusting or transplanting into a new pot with inoculated soil can help greatly.

An additional way of applying Myco Supreme to established plants is to poke 4-5 holes around the plant, making sure that the holes are deep enough to reach the roots (this can vary depending on the size and depth of the pot or soil), mix with water and use a funnel to pour Myco Supreme into each one of the holes. Make sure Myco Supreme gets to the youngest roots, which are at the bottom, as these are softest and easiest for the fungi to penetrate. Older roots harden up as they mature, becoming impenetrable.

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