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What’s the basic science behind Crop Control?

We’ve carefully selected a synergistic combination of essential oils, each one chosen for its highly effective & natural insecticidal and anti-fungal properties.

Peppermint oil contains Mentha Piperita, which inhibits reproductionThyme oil is an endocrine disruptorClove oil contains Eugenol, a terpene that causes cell lysis in fungal species. Garlic oil is a repellantRosemary oil is a miticide. The oils are then combined with a soap, which acts as a delivery system.

Through nanotechnology, we incorporate a high-shear homogenization process that emulsifies the essential oils, forming nanoparticles. These nanoparticles suffocate pests and break down their exoskeletonswhile penetrating mold and mildew on a cellular level.

This is the only way to get total plant coverage, while leaving no noticeable residue after 72 hours.

Other oil-based products require a surfactant or wetting agent to reduce the surface tension, helping with coverage on the plant. Unfortunately, this requires constant and rigorous shaking, still resulting in less than full coverage.

Trifecta’s unique high-shear homogenization process is so effective, it creates total emulsion of the oils in water, providing total plant coverage, and requiring ZERO additional products.

Trifecta Crop Control is the only all-in-one product with maximum strength essential oils, empowering growers to simplify their IPM.

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