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Why is Crop Control so expensive?

The word expensive is subjective. Our product contains multiple food-grade essential oils in high concentrations and is the only all-in-one product on the market like it. In addition, we are one of the only companies that utilizes nanotechnology which makes our droplets so small, they attack mold and mildew on a cellular level. For more information, watch the video on this page:

If you’ve ever bought essential oils or seen them in shops, they are $40/.5 oz. Even when you buy them in bulk, the price is extraordinarily expensive. A 55 gallon drum of garlic oil costs in excess of $100k. Competitor products use inexpensive ingredients like soybean oil and if they use essential oils, it’s a fraction of a percent of what’s used in Crop Control. There’s no comparison. Crop Control is the superior product which is why it is priced higher than others on the market.

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