Electrostatic Plant Coverage
This photo highlights the benefits of using an electrostatic sprayer with fuller coverage on the plant and increased particle dispersion. PHOTO CREDIT http://spectrumsprayer.com/

Hey, Growers! John from Trifecta here. 

One of the questions we get asked the most is, “What’s the best sprayer to apply Trifecta Crop Control with?” Of course, the answer to this depends on the size and location of your grow but, hands down, our answer is electrostatic sprayers. 

Electrostatic sprayers work by applying a charge to liquids as they pass through a sprayer nozzle. The result is positively charged droplets that repel one another and actively seek out a surface, which they stick to and wrap around to coat all sides. This is extremely important when applying Crop Control as saturation of the undersides of leaves is essential to keeping your plants pest, mold and mildew free. 

Electrostatic sprayers result in a more even and full coverage, even in harder to reach areas. They will also reduce product waste by limiting, if not eliminating, overspray. 

To sum it up: Electrostatic sprayers will save you time, money and stress! 

Here’s a rundown of our favorite sprayers. Not all of them are electrostatic but pay attention at the end as you’ll be able to convert our favorite gas backpack sprayer to an electrostatic sprayer, making it the silver bullet in protecting your plants for larger grows. 

Victory Handheld Electrostatic SprayerVictory Innovation Small Electrostatic Sprayer

Our top pick in this category is made by Victory Innovation Co. Their cordless handheld sprayers are great for small, one room grows of 1000 sq ft or less. You can use them for applying beneficial bacteria as well. These sprayers do not have a very strong spray so they are best used indoors or in a greenhouse. The electrostatic spray will stick to the leaves, ensuring fuller coverage and less waste. This sprayer is excellent for use on clones and starters! 



Hudson Electric Atomizer Sprayer

Hudson’s 99598 Fog Electric Atomizer Sprayer is the industry standard and the most commonly used sprayer on the market. It’s got a 2-gallon tank with adjustable output of 1.5 – 14 gallons per hour. This sprayer delivers an average droplet size of 20 microns, producing a fine mist that shoots about 13.5 feet, providing great coverage. Greenhouse and indoor growers love this sprayer because it’s affordable and effective. The spray from this model is a bit more forceful than the Victory, which should help strengthen your stalks. Great for indoor and outdoor applications. You can grab it on Amazon for under $200. 



Dramm Electric Cold Fogger

The Electric Cold Fogger from Dramm uses a 3,000 psi pump to create a 40 micron spray cloud, which allows deep penetration of the canopy while ensuring even and full coverage. This sprayer can treat 1,000 sq ft in 1 minute and is an awesome product to use in a larger greenhouse applications. It’s also great for outdoor applications. 


Dramm Autofog (no bueno)

We’d like to mention that we received feedback from a user that Autofog from Dramm was NOT effective in applying Crop Control as the product being sprayed was not really making it to the plants. 


Stihl Gas Backpack SprayerStihl Gas Backpack Sprayer

When you’re looking at acres of grow space, the Stihl Gas Backpack Sprayer is the right tool for the job. This high-capacity sprayer is powerful and fuel-efficient while delivering an impressive spraying range and reducing the time it takes to treat large areas. Its high-performance pressure pump ensures a constant product flow without having to worry about loss of pressure, regardless of which angle you’re spraying from. In addition, the sprayer’s anti-vibration system and optional hip and chest belt accessory help to evenly distribute weight for guaranteed comfort. 


Spectrum Electrostatic Nozzles

Gro IT offers retrofitted electrostatic nozzles for Stihl gas back sprayers. Reach out to our buddy Dana at GroIT.com. 


In Conclusion

Electrostatic sprayers are our top choice for applying Trifecta Crop Control as they reduce waste, offer fuller coverage and will save you time and money in the long run. All of the sprayers above have been tried and tested in the field and we’re sure you’ll love them as much as we do! Hit us up on social media with any questions or email support@trifectanatural.com.